Frequently Asked Questions about the Hamilton Series

Devon House, home of the Hamiltons
Drawing by Dennis Greco

What inspired you to write this series about five sisters?

Well, I am the fourth of five sisters, so I have first hand knowledge of growing up in a large family and I know just how special the bonds of sisterhood are. I love my sisters dearly and don't know what I would do without them. I thought it would be fun to write about a family like that.

Are the characters in the Hamilton Sisters based on your sisters?

Oh, very loosely. There are common personality traits that most older sisters and younger sisters have and that comes across in my books. The character of Colette is the eldest sister who likes to take care of the other sisters, which is true of my oldest sister, but Colette is not based on my sister Jane. I'm sure our friends and family try to figure out who is who, but as I've said, any similarities are purely coincidental.

Why do the girls have French first names?

That is explained in the first book. Their mother, Genevieve La Brecque Hamilton, is French and gave each of her daughters a French name.

Do you speak French?

Not at all. But I get help from my cousin's wife, who is French.

What can you tell us about Jeffrey Eddington? Everyone loves him!

I love Jeffrey too! He's everything you want in a male friend. Caring, charming, decent, flirty, and reliable. And I was lucky enough to have a friend just like that, since Jeffrey is actually based on a very dear college friend of mine who asked to be a character in one of my books.

Will there be a book about Jeffrey?

Possibly. You'll have to keep reading to find out what happens to him!

Sea Minx,
Drawing by Dennis Greco