Secrets of a Duchess

Kaitlin's Debut Novel

On the death of their beloved father, Caroline Armstrong and her sister are whisked away to London by their grandmother. Though determined to please her doting relative, there is one thing Caroline vows she will never do: marry.

Handsome, tall, and titled, Alexander Woodward, Duke of Woodborough, is the catch of the Season – but he doesn’t want to be caught. He finds a kindred spirit in the witty Caroline and makes her a scandalous proposition: they will pretend to court to dissuade any overtures of marriage…

Caroline thought she would be safe for the Season – and that her deepest secret would remain locked away. But each minute spent with Alex, she finds herself increasingly captured by his charm, his kindness… his kisses. Caught up in a dizzying dance of desire, Caroline accepts another proposal from Alex – one that puts her in the most dangerous position of all…


“O’Riley’s debut should generate interest in this talented author, whose unique plot twists and strong feminist ideals add freshness to the genre.” RT Book Reviews

“A well-written, lively romance!” -Kat Martin, NY Times bestselling author 

Secrets of a Duchess is a marvelous debut for author, Kaitlin O’Riley . . . A sensual story of love and deception... A thoroughly enjoyable and sprightly romance... Secrets of a Duchess is sure to be a hit with historical fans.” Historical Romance Writers

“All hail Kaitlin O’Riley’s masterful historical romance debut, Secrets of a Duchess ... Ms. O’Riley’s style is lively and her plot development is seamless... She paints beautifully with words... Secrets of a Duchess is irresistible romantic escapism at its best.” PRNewswire-USNewswire



Kaitlin O’Riley

ISBN-13 978-0-8217-8092-3

Publisher: Zebra Books

Release Date: February 2007


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