The Hamiltons

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Meet the Hamilton Family

Welcome to Hamilton’s Book Shoppe, just off Bond Street in the Mayfair area of Victorian era London. It is the heart and home of the Hamilton family. The five beautiful daughters of Thomas and Genevieve Hamilton have close bonds of friendship and support each other. 

There is a book devoted to each one of them as they learn about life, love and romance. 


The Five Hamilton Sisters

Colette Elizabeth Hamilton - WHEN HIS KISS IS WICKED

Colette is the oldest sister, who has always taken care of the family. She’s independent and responsible and fiercely proud of all that she has accomplished in the bookshop to make it a success after their father died. It is through Colette that the fortunes of the Hamilton family change for the better.

Juliette Sara Hamilton - DESIRE IN HIS EYES

As the second oldest, Juliette is wild and impulsive with a bit of a rebellious streak. With no interest in the family bookshop at all, Juliette seeks adventure far beyond the walls of the shop, stopping at nothing to get what she wants.

Lisette Annabelle Hamilton - IT HAPPENED ONE CHRISTMAS

Calm and sweet, Lisette is the middle sister. With her easy-going and content nature, she is always taking care of everyone else first. However, one day she finally learns to take a chance on herself.


Paulette Victoria Hamilton – TO TEMPT AN IRISH ROGUE

The fourth sister is Paulette. Brimming with intelligence and determination, she loves the bookshop as much as Colette and wishes to make it even more successful, and won't let anything get in her way.

Yvette Katherine Hamilton – HIS BY CHRISTMAS

Yvette is the baby of the family and rarely taken seriously by the others. A lover of all things pretty and romantic, Yvette longs to be considered important and may sacrifice everything to get that.