One Sinful Night

At seventeen Vivienne Montgomery was utterly unprepared for the scandal that erupted when Aidan Kavanaugh abruptly left Galway for London, abandoning Vivienne to her ruined reputation. Ten years later Vivienne has a new life, far from those who know of her past – until she and Aidan are both invited to a weeklong house party.

Aidan Kavanaugh never forgot the magical summer he and Vivienne shared, or the betrayal he felt on finding her in another man’s arms. Since leaving Ireland, Aidan has embraced his duties as Earl of Whitlock, including impending marriage to a young lady who will be the perfect wife in every way but one: she is not Vivienne…

Days and nights in close quarters quickly erode Vivienne and Aidan’s reserve, leading to breathless trysts that are as passionate as they are dangerous. For others are determined to keep them apart. And if one week is not enough to undo ten years of mistrust, Vivienne will lose her reputation – and her heart – all over again…


 “O’Riley’s tale of love reverberates with lighthearted humor, witty repartee and endearing characters that capture the era to the enchantment of readers.”RT Book Reviews

“Family treachery, old secrets, and jealousy underpin the lively, multilayered plot that adds a few new twists to a classic theme and treats readers to several wonderfully wicked villains.”Library Journal



Kaitlin O’Riley

ISBN-13 978-0-8217-8093-0

Publisher: Zebra Books

Release Date: March 2008


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